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Exceptional Secure Fencing

Metro Fence Inc., located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers quality commercial fencing installations for businesses. When it comes to protecting your property, make sure to hire a team of installers who knows the industry. We also install beautiful and sturdy residential fencing as well.

Commercial & Industrial Fencing Installation

Do you know what type of fencing would work best for your business? We can discuss all the options with you to help you make the best decision for the security of your company. 

Strong Chain-Link Fencing

The safety of your employees should be one of your biggest priorities. Make your next fence a secure one with a chain-link fence. Choose from a variety of colors, such as black and green. Galvanized and vinyl coatings are available for an additional fee as are windscreens. Choose between a feathered or flat design and add barbed or razor wire for additional protection. We use 80 lbs. of concrete per post hole to ensure stability. A warranty is provided through the manufacturer, and you'll also receive a lifetime workmanship warranty. Gates are only guaranteed for one year.

Chain-Link Fence

White Vinyl Dumpster Fence
Chain-Link Fence
Baseball Field
Temporary Fence
Dumpster Fencing

Temporary Construction Fence Rentals

Take advantage of our quick and temporary fencing solutions for your construction site. We offer temporary fencing panels that are held in place by sandbags or by hammering them into the ground. Windscreens can also be added for added protection, noise reduction, and privacy. A one-time fee is required for the duration of the rental, and we'll dismantle and remove the fence when it is no longer needed.

Family On Their Ranch

Professional Dumpster Fencing

Dumpsters can be unsightly. Hide them with one of our dumpster fence options, including vinyl, chain-link, wood, and more. Bollards can be added to keep your fence safe from vehicle damage.

Stylish Farm & Ranch Fencing

Keep your animals safe and on your property with our standard and three-rail fencing. Custom gates and wood posts can be created for added style. We provide:

» Split-Rail Fencing » Horse Fencing » Pencil Wire Fencing » Vinyl Fencing